Marketing My Product With Chess House

Chess House markets products for which there is projected demand and which in our estimation will sell well.

If you have an idea, prototype or finished product we want to honor your creativity and resourcefulness.

For a product to succeed it must be wanted. If you have created a product for which you are the only fan, please don't bother. First create something that more than 10 people rave about.

We are interested in hearing from you if you have a product that has ALL these criteria

  1. chess related or appears to be complimentary to the ChessHouse brand
  2. has clear sellability, demand, or demand projections
  3. can be produced consistently and reliably
  4. Is packed in an orderly, safe, and clean manner such that it can be adapted to worldwide shipment

If your idea has great potential, has not been produced yet, and we feel that market feedback will really help guide further decisions on product development, one strategy we may suggest is publishing the idea for feedback. In some cases Chess House can be helpful in giving exposure to the idea and interacting with the comments and interest generated. We would just ask that attractive photos and messaging is provided.

We do not get involved in the production process except for our own product lines. If your product is not market-ready, some comments or potential tips may be provided if your request and goal is clearly communicated.