Chronos Clocks Warranty Support

Chronos Clocks have a one year warranty. In lieu of returning for refund to Chess House, you may want to have your clock repaired.

If you need support during or beyond this one year period, we recommend these steps. Keep in mind that these clocks are produced by DCI Game Clocks in California, and this is a one man show. In 2013 and 2014 there have been an increased number of support cases causing a load that could slow down support even more.

1. Mail clock with a summary of the problem to the support address on back of product manual.

2. Include copy of purchase receipt.

3. Mail with tracking or delivery confirmation for your proof of delivery.

The turn around time is unknown. We have heard from several customers that including a personal check for $10 as a favor to cover shipping charges back to you has resulted in a fast response. This is also a great way for you to personally know if your case has been started. Because your are contacting a small operation with DCI Game Clocks, being positive and personal is a way to stand out and likely to receive a prioritized reply.